We create a VR twin of the world

Georeferenced 3D world generation - Automated and powered by AI

Bringing the real world to virtual reality

Our Procedural World Generation for Unreal Engine creates a georeferenced 3D environment model at no time.

AVES Reality is the combination of geospatial data, artificial intelligence and video game technology.

Eschenlohe, Gemeinde, PostkarteEschenlohe, digital, Unreal Engine
Image of Eschenlohe (left side): www.zugspitzland.de

Enhancing the development of autonomous mobility

Our solution can be modularly implemented in Unreal Engine based simulation pipelines for automotive use cases.

Sensor validation for AD and ADAS
Driver-in-the-loop and human-centered behavior studies
Generation of synthetic training data for selfdriving AI
Validation of perception stacks for autonomous driving

Leveraging potentials in multiple industries

Our georeferenced 3D worlds can add benefits to many applications which are based on real-time rendering.

Aviation Simulation
Urban Planning and Infrastructure
Architectural Visualization
VR Rescue Training
Disaster Simulation
Video Gaming and VR Apps

What is your application?

Want to learn more about potentials of a georeferenced 3D world environment for your own use case?

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- Coming soon -

AVES Reality
Reinforce­ment Challenge
Test your own algorithms

We will provide a dedicaded VR twin including some specific traffic scenarios as an open challenge for reinforcement learning. Teams and individuals will have the chance to test and evaluate their own algorithms and compete against others.

Latest news

EcoMotion Week 2021

EcoMotion Week 2021

AVES Reality was selected for the startup exhibition at EcoMotion Week 2021, May 18th to May 20th.

EcoMotion Week brings together the world’s leading companies pioneering in the Smart Mobility field.

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